Hill Country Church From San Marcos Texas

God Bless Hill Country Church.

Pastor Shane Mannon came down with a group of college students from San Marcos Texas.

Some of the college students share that many did not come because of the rumors of the insecurity on Mexico.

The group came for 3 days to serve at an orphanage, to do street ministry, home visitation, visited a nursing home, and participated in a mothers day celebration.

The group brought  prophetic word in different parts of Acuna, Grocery Stores, and markets, and in the international Bridge.

The group also got to do some shopping for souvenirs in downtown Acuna.

The Faith mission provided a guide to take the group to different areas of Acuna to serve and pray for the needed.

It was a safe and eye opened  experience  for the group  to see that Acuna is a safe place to come on a mission trip and see the hand of God move in Mexico.